Our community building program

The EFOP-1.3.5-16 project of the “Fény Felé” Foundation.

Strengthening social engagement with the development of the communities



2 MAY. 2017. - 2. MAY 2020.




Within the framework of the EFOP-1.3.5-16-2016-00632 id. number project entitled the “Community building program of the “Fény Felé” Foundation” The foundation has undertaken the task of organisation of various programs and activities. Our objective is to assist in the reintegration process of those young people into society who are living with disabilities, to help those children who are unable to take care of themselves, who are living with mental disabilities. It is also our objective to help their families in that endeavour.

Furthermore, we would like to make the elderly and the pensioners more active with the organisation of community programs. Within the framework of this program we undertook the task of establishing and strengthening three communities. These are: Group of people who live with disabilities, group of people belonging to the families of people who live with disabilities, group of elderly pensioners.  

All of our three years programs offer wonderful opportunities. It makes possible for those people who receive services from our foundation to open in many areas towards society and to participate at cultural or social events. Also, this is a fantastic opportunity for us to organise such events ourselves, and in this way people who are open to social integration could come to us. 

What we would like to achieve: with the involvement and active cooperation of our clients who live with disabilities we would like to bring it closer to them the world of healthy people. We would like to end the exclusion of people living with disabilities from society!

Is it necessary to strengthen the social engagement of people living with disabilities?

Yes, and hopefully all of our programs will serve as an excellent example for that. It is a rightful expectation of our age that every social strata and group should share its burden of the collective work and development is only possible when the principle of mutuality is put into practice.

Participation at our program is free, but in all cases previous registration is mandatory.

We would like to offer into your kind attention the pictures and the stories about our events and let's live us again together these programs!

Széchenyi 2020

Community building program of the “Fény Felé” Foundation

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